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Checking Accounts

Upward Credit Union offers you a very special Checking Account that comes with some really valuable features.

With a Upward CU Elite Checking Account you can forget about any monthly fees or per-check charges as you watch your deposits earn great dividends every month! Plus, all this comes with just a $5 minimum balance requirement.

There's also the freedom provided with 24-hour, year-round ATM and Visa Check Card access.

Another big feature of a Upward CU Elite Checking Account is the 'Account Monitor'. This 24-hour automated system allows you to perform a multitude of transactions or inquiries over the phone.

Upward CU Elite Checking

  • No monthly service charges
  • No per-check charges
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Unlimited check writing capability
  • Competitive dividends paid every month
  • Overdraft protection from designated share account(s) and/or qualified Overdraft Privilege
  • Direct Deposit assures you of automatic paycheck deposits every payday morning
  • Automatic Bill Paying Service provides automatic payment for your mortgage, utility bills, etc. — free of any transaction charge
  • ATM & Point-of-Sale access
  • Visa Check Cards (Debit Cards)
  • ATM deposits at select locations

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